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Damage by Felix Francis

DamageFelix is a natural, following in his father’s footsteps.

Just as much action, excitement, & blind alleys.

Jeff Hinkley, undercover investigator for the British Horseracing Authority, is looking into the shady activities of a racehorse trainer. When following the trainer at Cheltenham Racecourse he sees him commit murder.

What has brought him to do this?

This is the beginning of multi-weaved plot which keeps you reading from start to finish.

Who can Jeff trust? Who is being devious behind his back.

There is family stuff mixed in too which makes it a well-rounded story.


Reserve Damage


The secret race: inside the hidden world of the Tour de France by Tyler Hamilton and Daniel Coy.

secret raceAn eye-opening and infuriating look at doping in cycling. The book is jointly written by Daniel Coyle, sports author, and Tyler Hamilton, professional cyclist.

Tyler competed at the top of the sport at a time when doping was at its most prevalent. Faced with a choice between cycling clean and losing or doping and winning, he started to dope.

The book shows how cyclists were cheating the system and details the complicity of the governing bodies. It’s a depressing read which has left me feeling rather cynical about the whole sport.

After reading, I was left with a question: whether cycling is indeed any cleaner now, or whether the cyclists have simply moved onto drugs or dosages which are harder to detect.

Well written and essential reading for any cycling enthusiast.


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British Sports Book Awards Shortlists


There are loads of books published each year that relate to sporting personalities, history of sports, illustrated journals and much more.
These awards celebrate the best in sports writing. There are eight categories for books. So whether you like biographies, cricket, football, horse-racing, rugby or beautifully illustrated books, there is something for you.
We have copies of all those in the category: Autobiography/Biography of the Year  Reserve them from our catalogue
All the shortlists can be found here on the British Sports Book Awards website.
The Award winners will be announced on the 21st May.
Send reviews of those you’ve read to and we’ll post them on this blog.


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