Seal Skin: Su Bristow Donald is a young fisherman, eking out a lonely living on the west coast of Scotland. One night he witnesses something miraculous – and makes a terrible mistake. His actions changes lives – not only his own, but those of his family and the entire tightly knit community in which they live. Can he ever atone for the wrong he has done, and can love grow when its foundation is violence?

Take courage: Anne Bronte & the Art of Life by Samantha Ellis
Take Courage‘ is Samantha’s personal, poignant and surprising journey into the life and work of a woman sidelined by history. A brave, strongly feminist writer well ahead of her time – and her more celebrated siblings – and who has much to teach us today about how to find our way in the world.

When editor Susan Ryeland is given the tattered manuscript of Alan Conway’s latest novel, she has little idea it will change her life…

The watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley

In 1883, Thaniel Steepleton returns to his tiny flat to find the lock picked and a gold pocketwatch on his pillow. But he has worse fears than generous burglars; he is a telegraphist at the Home Office, which has just received a threat for what could be thelargest-scale Fenian bombing in history.

Sleepers castle by Barbara Erskine

Two women, centuries apart. Linked in a place haunted by its history . . . Separated by more than six hundred years of history, two women are drawn together bySleeper’s Castle, a house steeped in memory and magic.

Penguin Bloom by Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Grieve

Cameron Bloom, his wife Sam and their three boys were a normal, happy family – until a near-fatal fall left Sam paralysed and she sank into a deep depression. But in the darkest days of Sam’s struggle a new and unexpected member of the family came into their lives: an injured magpie chick abandoned after she fell from her nest, who became known as Penguin Bloom.

The Infernal World of Bramwell Bronte by Daphne Du Maurier

Life with the Lid off by Nicola Hodgkinson

Like many women after a divorce, NicolaHodgkinson found herself facing a stark reality. Withthree young children to raise, a ramshackle cottage by the sea she had a choice: to wallow in self pity or pull herself together and get on with it. She chose the latter..

The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

Browsing antiques shops in Wiltshire, Alison Bannister stumbles across a delicate old portrait – supposedly of Anne Boleyn. Except Alison knows better…

Come tell me how you live by Agatha Christie

This is an autobiographical account of AgathaChristie’s travels in Syria and Iraq in the 1930s, with her archaeologist husband Max Mallowan.