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Reviewed: Maestra by L. S. Hilton

“A terrifically fun, extremely graphic and violent romp through the art houses and sex clubs of Europe. If you thought Anastasia in Fifty Shades didn’t seem to be having enough fun, this might well be the book for you… ” – Anon

maestra“By day Judith Rashleigh is a put-upon assistant at a London auction house. By night she’s a hostess in one of the capital’s unsavoury bars. Desperate to make something of herself, Judith knows she has to play the game. She’s learned to dress, speak and act in the interests of men. She’s learned to be a good girl. But after uncovering a dark secret at the heart of the art world, Judith is fired and her dreams of a better life are torn apart. So she turns to a long-neglected friend. A friend that kept her chin up and back straight through every past slight. A friend that a good girl like her shouldn’t have: Rage.

The Talented Mr Ripley meets Gone Girl in this darkly decadent and compelling new thriller that asks: Where do you go when you’ve gone too far?”

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The Girl in 6E by A. R Torre

geEye-openingly explicit sex scenes and a very troubled heroine might make for a book that is not to everyone’s tastes. That said, it’s a pretty good thriller that rattles along nicely and become harder to put down as you go. Gone Girl meets Fifty Shades!

If you like it, there’s a sequel…


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Vicious Circle by Wilbur Smith

Vicious CircleVery apt title! There was more description of the various types of torture & killings than was really necessary. I’m sure some of it could have been left out without spoiling the plot. There was also a lot of sexual content, some of it depraved.

This is the second in the Hector Cross series, best to read the first one first. The plot itself was well-worked & came to a suitable if bloody conclusion.

I’ve always enjoyed books by Wilbur Smith but was disappointed because of the gratuitous violence. Won’t be reading any more in this series if there are any.


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No Ordinary Love Story by Sophie Morgan

nsfwToday’s review is from the Norfolk Erotic Book Club. For a lengthier and more explicit version, see the full review on their website. NSFW*

‘No Ordinary Love Story’ is the autobiographic sequel to ‘The Diary of a Submissive’ by Sophie Morgan. Unlike some sequels you are able to comfortably dive into reading the second novel without any prior knowledge of the previous book.

In this second book we follow Sophie on a journey into love where she finds the perfect partner to share her submissive desires with. Sophie talks honestly throughout the book, which makes it a powerfully enjoyable read. Her writing style is descriptive which helps feed the imagination, particularly in the sex scenes where you can almost imagine yourself taking part within the activities.

Within her relationship you bear witness to not only the positive emotions she felt during its development but also the doubts she encountered, making it easier to believe that the story is based on a real person.

The writing style is very clear, intelligent, and funny at times, making the book easy to pick up and read for prolonged times.

The book really is a pleasure to read and probably has to be one of the more enjoyable memoirs out there. Sophie shows through her books that women with submissive sexual desires can also be very powerful and in control of their life, which a few books on submissive people seem to neglect.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed reading her work, and I’m eager to see what she comes up with next.

*NSFW is net-speak for Not Safe For Work- helping you spot links you shouldn’t follow while your boss is watching!

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