Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth

I found this ‘cover introduction’ – and title ideal, to ‘sum up’ -a most enjoyable and ultimately exciting read.

The context of this book captivated me, not only the events of the earlier time zone-centering around a time passage that i consider to be the ‘golden years’, of my adolescence (plus some). This being the early to mid (ish) eighties-highlighting the music of some of my continuing favourite bands. Primarily my favourite band Echo & the Bunnymen which i ascertain are high on the list of the author’s favourites.

I enjoyed the way the author used the titles of some songs, to add to the increasingly mysterious and atmospheric, chapter titles. Also referencing songs by Public Image, Patti Smith, and two of my favourites Killing Joke and the Cult. All expertly married up with references to my current location Great Yarmouth (Eremouth in the story).

On my own journey through the narrative, i became so enthralled that i found it necessary to make fairly in-depth notes of various characters. To hopefully provide me with any required ‘whodunnit’ investigative skills, for my conclusions at the finale of the tale. Inevitably i was ‘well off the mark’, with the realisation that i’m no ‘Inspector Morse’.

I would strongly recommend this book to all parties – not just budding ‘Private  Eyes’.


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