The House on Bellevue Gardens by Rachel Hore

Athe-house-on-bellevue-gardens piece of storytelling magic, interweaving several peoples stories into one great story which revolves around the House.

A lively cast of characters, different ages, different backgrounds, all living together in the one house, a house that has been a sanctuary for all of them, it was there when they needed it. It may be the shabbiest house of a smart white-painted Georgian terrace in North London, but it’s home.

It belongs to Leonie, not good at reading her mail so fails to take in the important information that her lease on the house is coming to an end and needs renewing. It gets lost in solicitor’s letters from neighbours complaining about the state of the building.

Each person who lives there has a different reason for being there, one escaping from an abusive relationship, another arriving from Poland looking for her brother and having nowhere to stay.

Leonie takes them all in, as she once had been taken in. We gradually learn her story as she tells it to Stef over a period of time.

Thoroughly enjoyable story, I recommend it. Can’t wait for Rachel’s next one.

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