Gallows Drop by Mari Hannah

Gallows DropGood start to my reading in 2017. An intriguing, thought provoking thriller. Poses the question whether Othello Syndrome is a mitigating circumstance when a murder is committed.

This is the latest book featuring DCI Kate Daniels and her team in Northumberland. A nasty murder of a young wrestler, he’s strung up on the sight of an ancient gibbet. He had suffered a beating before death, but was that the cause of his death. A whole group of nasty young people come under suspicion.

Kate’s personal life intrudes into the investigation, she’s supposed to be going on holiday. Plus her history with the SIO, who is a very angry man in general but more so to her. He also has knowledge of the victim and the main suspects but hides it from the team.

Everything moves at a fast pace, plenty of action, some heartache, much anger, and it all makes for a gripping read.


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