Maid of Oaklands Manor by Terri Nixon

Maid of Oaklands ManorWell what hasn’t this book got? It’s exciting, it’s a book of its time, beginning in 1912 a time of rigid rules.

It starts off like an episode of Downton Abbey, large manor, the family upstairs, the servants downstairs, but goes deeper into the characters lives.

A chance meeting between scullery maid Lizzy Parker and heiress Evie Creswell starts it all off. It leads to more than an enduring friendship and draws Lizzie into a world of privilege and intrigue and delivers her into the loving arms of a killer – or is he?

Lizzie is naive and lots of what she does is misinterpreted, she finds herself caught up in a family history that goes back a long way which she can’t have had any part in.

It is well written, there is love, intrigue, misinformation, misdirection all around. The story has many likeable characters and the plot has lots of subtle little twists, bring the story to a gripping conclusion.


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