Operation Goodwood by Sara Sheridan

Operation GoodwoodI hadn’t read any of the Mirabelle Bevan crime series so I was relieved to find that this book was a good read.

Set in 1955 in Brighton, London & Goodwood, it sets the tone of the 1950’s, people still remembering the 2nd World War  and what they lost, but trying to move their lives on.

Mirabelle is rescued from a fire at her home on the Brighton seafront but the blaze takes the life of her neighbour, Dougie Beaumont, a dashing and successful racing driver living in the flat above.

It soon becomes clear that this was arson, which raises questions about Dougie’s death. Mirabelle can’t resist investigating further despite being warned not to by Superintendent McGregor, her lover.

Mirabelle gets involved with Dougie’s family and friends, the world of Fleet Street, the forbidden gay scene, drugs, as well as the glamorous motor racing scene at Goodwood.

The plot develops rapidly, there are some red herrings in there, well-written, keeps you reading right to the end, which has a satisfactory conclusion.

I’ll be reading the others in the series. Just downloaded ebook version of Brighton Belle for reading on holiday.


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