Amy Snow by Tracy Rees

Amy SnowThis is the 2014 winner of the Richard and Judy’s Search for a Bestseller competition.

It is a compelling story set in early Victorian England. Amy is found naked in the snow as a baby by 8 year old Aurelia who insists she lives with them. Her Mother hates Amy & treats her badly, worse than the servants. The servants don’t know what to make of her either.

Aurelia though treats her as a friend and companion. When Aurelia dies young Amy’s world collapses, but Aurelia leaves Amy with one last gift: a bundle of letters with a coded key that only Amy can unlock. The letters take Amy on a trip around England to try to solve the mystery.

The story has wonderfully strong female characters, with a strong heroine Amy, who are all brought to life brilliantly. There is a love interest or two along the way!

There is plenty of drama, and excitement as this intriguing mystery develops. A plot well put together that makes you want to keep reading.

I’ve reserved Tracy Rees’s next book from the library already!


Reserve Amy Snow


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