Hush Hush by Laura Lippman

Hush HushThis is the latest gripping Tess Monaghan investigation.

It is the story of Melisandre, rich, beautiful, & temporarily insane (probably). Over 10 years ago she left her youngest child in her car on a hot sweltering day, & the child died. She was suffering from Postnatal depression. She now returns to Baltimore & tries to meet up with her other children to explain what happened & why she has left them for so long.

Things go wrong, there is another death, but who is responsible? Lots of lies are told, there is misinformation, red herrings & much more. You think you’re following the plot when suddenly it changes, keeps you on your toes.

The story is well-written with characters who develop as we watch what they’re up to. Don’t like Melisandre or her family, they’re a secretive devious bunch.

Watch out for a subplot with Tess’s mystery stalker.

Well worth reading.

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