Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs

Speaking in BonesThis is the latest Dr Tempe Brennan novel based on the work that forensic anthropologists do.

When Tempe is approached by amateur web sleuth detective Hazel ‘Lucky’ Strike, with a tale of missing girl Cora Teague, it sets off a chain of events which escalate in this fast paced tale.

Bones are found in rugged mountain country, local policeman Zeb Romsey assists Tempe but the locals, especially a radical sect of Roman Catholics are unwilling to help, & that’s putting it mildly.

It’s a horrifying tale, danger to all those who are involved  in trying to solve it. Parts are extremely gruesome, plus tales of exorcism abound. Not for the faint hearted.

While this is going on there is also more drama in Tempe’s relationship with Andrew Ryan, plus stuff with her Mother.

Kathy’s fans will enjoy this latest novel.


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  1. […] of my favourites: Kathy Reichs ‘Speaking in Bones’;  Peter Robinson ‘No Cure for Love’; Elly Griffiths ‘The Ghost Fields’; […]


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