Wonder by R.J. Palacio

WonderI had read a few reviews about this book and seen the front cover in many shops and on websites so I felt quite drawn to it. I still like to share a book with my 12 year old son and he too had seen this book around at school, but had not read it, so it was the perfect choice for us.

Auggie has a severe facial deformity, the book tells the story of his first year at high school. I liked the way that each chapter told the story of Auggie’s year from the view of each of the central characters. It raised issues around bullying, acceptance and true friendship.

The plot is down to earth which gives the book a huge sense of credibility. It tackles the fears that parents have around their child feeling accepted and the bravery needed to send them out into what can be a very cruel world.

Whilst the book is a great awareness raiser around the subject of facial deformity it is also a genuinely good read for teens and adults.


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