Dersingham Village Read reviews

Here’s what our customers thought of our latest reads … I am pilgrim by Terry Hayes and The one plus one by Jojo Moyes

The one plus one…theoneplusone

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and stayed up half the night reading it. Not as thought provoking as Me before you, but in the same easy read style (Mary)

A good story and easy to read, with the odd amusing situation here and there (Anita)

The sort of book which creeps up on you and gets better and better as you read. Real triumph of faith over adversity, with smiles (Dee)

Really enjoyed this book and cared about the people in it, made you want things to go well for the Thomas family and loved Norman! (Jean)

Delightful, easy read, with good characters and realistic plot (Anna)

I love this book. The dysfunctional family is so lovable. I found myself laughing and crying along with them. Brilliant (Claire)

Very disappointed – it did not live up to its glowing reviews. A depressing story which just redeemed itself in the end (Joy)

and I am Pilgrim…iampilgrim

Brilliant (Joan)

Excellent book. Gripping start to finish (Brian)

Well written though a little lengthy. Very readable and entertaining (John)

Bit heavy and slow early read, but what a story it turns out. Amazed how authors come up with these stories (Jim)

Outstanding – totally absorbing and unable to put it down. Gripping storyteller (Joan)







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