Review: The Cavendon Women by Barbara Taylor Bradford

The Cavendon WomenFamily saga involving two families, the Cavendons who own the stately home, & their servants the Swanns who have been with them for generations.

In 1926 things are starting to change in the country. Taxes & death duties are forcing the rich to look for different ways to fund the necessary repairs on their stately homes. Cavendon is no different.

With the two families working together changes are afoot. The class division between them starts to slip.

It’s up to the female side of both families to come up with ideas that will modernise the Cavendons & hopefully save them from ruin.

Well worked story with lots of ups & downs. Love, murder, money (or lack of) all involved to produce a believable plot.

You know where you are with Barbara Taylor Bradford, another enjoyable read.


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