First rider’s call by Kristen Britain

first riderKarigan may have heard the First Rider’s call, but she’s not about to let it take over her life … … or at least that’s what she thinks. She swore to complete a dying man’s mission – to deliver a sealed letter to King Zachary. Now that task, more dangerous than she could have imagined, is complete and her work is done, Karigan wants to leave the dangerous world of tainted magic and ancient magicians behind her and return home. Exhausted in both body and spirit, she plans to return to her quiet life and her father’s business. But it proves no match for the Rider’s call; ghostly hoofbeats sounding in her mind, visions of the freedom of the open road, all calling her back to the king’s service as a Green Rider. Karigan resists it, but when she wakes up to find herself – in her nightdress – on horseback and halfway across the country, her destiny is clear: she is a Green Rider.

I read and hugely enjoyed book one in the series and I was pleased to find that book 2 is just as good- possibly even better, as it develops Karigan’s character and the world the series is set in. It leaves behind the slightly over-strong reliance on Tolkein which was my main reservation about book one and seems to find its feet a bit more. Better still, it does it without losing the readability and entertaining tone of book one.

Recommended for young adults and older ones who enjoy a big, fat easy-to-read fantasy.


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