Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


Moving backwards and forwards in time, from the glittering years just before the collapse to the strange and altered world that exists 20 years after, ‘Station Eleven’ charts the unexpected twists of fate that connect six people: famous actor Arthur Leander; Jeevan – warned about the flu just in time; Arthur’s first wife Miranda; Arthur’s oldest friend Clark; Kirsten, a young actress with the Travelling Symphony; and the mysterious and self-proclaimed ‘prophet’.

Just wonderful! It’s not often I read a book and think it could not be improved, but this is one. Beautifully written, lyrically moving and wholly literary. I adored it.


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One response

  1. I’ve just finished this book, and loved it too – I kept reading it instead of doing other things, it was just delicious to read. I’ll be recommending it to many people (and probably buying it for quite a few too!).


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