Schroder by Amity Gaige

SchroderSchroder relates the story of Eric’s urgent escape years later through the New England countryside with his six-year-old daughter, Meadow, in an attempt to outrun the authorities amidst a heated custody battle with his wife, who will soon discover that her husband is not who he says he is.

We should dislike Schroder for what he has done in assuming a false identity and kidnapping his daughter but he inspires a deal of sympathy because of his vulnerability. I think the author manages this response very cleverly and produces a very moving account. I liked the way the past is revealed especially the escape from post war Berlin with father only and the poverty of their early days in America before albeit briefly Schroder adopts the all American male image and comes close to the American dream.

A real page turner which I would recommend. Some touching scenes with his father especially around the eye surgery. An excellent exploration of the father and daughter relationship and them sadness of the failed marriage. Not sure what the research was about except perhaps we all need to pause more and reflect. The style is deceptively simple.


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