The Job by Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg

The JobThe third book in the exciting Fox and O’Hare series. It’s sort of a cross between Sidney Sheldon & Clive Cussler.

The action moves from America to Turkey to Germany to France to England.

Fox is caught on camera stealing a priceless work of art, taking him right from being the FBI’s most covert operative, back to the top of America’s most-wanted. Only Kate suspects all is not what it seems. Nick Fox is no common thief, and snatch and grab just isn’t his style.

So who is setting him up, it’s down to Kate to figure out why – before Nicolas Fox, master of disguise, is beaten at his own game.

Lots of action with lies, hustles and take-downs, followed by the biggest con of all. High stakes as failure could mean they die.


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