A division of the light by Christopher Burns

DivisionGregory, a photographer, and Alice dramatically meet when she is robbed in the street and he spontaneously photographs her as she falls to the ground.  Later they contrive to see each other again as Gregory is determined to have Alice model for him naked.

Their initial meeting made for a gripping start; the follow up to that, will they won’t they see each again was also intriguing but from then on their interactions became rather dull.  The more I discovered about Alice and Gregory’s personalities the less I liked them; neither were very likable or engaging.

On the other hand Cassie, Gregory’s daughter, and Thomas, Alice’s soon to be ex-boyfriend, though both a bit pathetic and put upon were more interesting.  I didn’t care for the main protagonists but I did have hope that both Cassie and Thomas would escape Gregory and Alice.  When Gregory has his religious experience it felt like I was suddenly reading a different book; if we were building up to Gregory’s life changing event what was the point of Alice?


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