The Pattern of Fear by Drew Chapman

PatternI picked this book up from Plumstead Road Library, it’s their Book of the Month. Not my usual sort of book, but I’m so pleased I took it.

It’s set in America, exciting, fast moving & very believable.

Garrett Reilly a new type of hero.

It’s about China trying to start a war with USA by using the Internet & Social Media to take down prices of stocks, shares, bonds, price of housing & much more. They want USA to make the first strike.

Who are the baddies, well some of them are on our side which is worrying. In fighting between departments of USA Government nearly causes catastrophe.

I’m not going to tell you any more as will spoil the plot, but if you’re an Internet ‘geek’ then it’s the book for you.

Just think Paranoia!


Reserve The Pattern of Fear

American title for this is The Ascendant.


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