Big Brother by Lionel Shriver

big brotherWhen Pandora picks up her older brother Edison at her local Iowa airport, she literally doesn’t recognise him.

Edison’s slovenly habits, appalling diet and know-it-all monologues drive her health-and-fitness freak husband Fletcher insane. Fletcher eventually delivers his wife an ultimatum – it’s him or me. Putting her marriage and two adoptive children on the line, Pandora chooses her brother – who, without her support in losing weight, will surely eat himself into an early grave.

Pandora and her brother Edison move into an apartment and go on a strict liquid only diet. Pandora has about 40 pounds to lose but Edison has over 200.

Well this was an intriguing and thought provoking book and what a brilliant ending!


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One response

  1. Great read. I must confess to feeling cheated when I got to the end – we’d been through so much together! Good literary device though.


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