Here’s looking at you by Mhairi McFarlane

Here's looking at youA book that left me in two minds. I devoured it in about a day (it’s a very easy read) and I was moved in all the places I was supposed to be. I do enjoy the escapism and the romantic nonsense of chick-lit… but…

The world has moved on. Women want different things from life, from work, from relationships. Chick-lit can reflect this well (sometimes, in the good ones). And in this one, the woman is a professor who earns a good wage and loves her job. She has a flat of her own and good relationships with friends and family.  She’s sarcastic, funny and clever. But… she is wholly consumed with the hunt for a partner. She has a friend who has decided casual sex is preferable to a relationship, but that’s not for our heroine. She does realise, about 3 pages from the end of the book, and for about half a page- that she could be happy alone and should consider herself a complete person. But then she throws herself into the arms of a not-quite-divorced man anyway.

Added to the fact that the book is totally convinced that an overweight woman could never be either happy or beautiful, it made me long for the genre of ‘feminist romance’ to be created. I’ve no idea what that would look like or if it’s even possible… but I’d love to see someone try it.

That said, this book is funny, slightly rude, romantic and frothy. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys chick-lit.


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