The Day of the Lie by William Brodrick

The Day of the LieAlways remember to read the whole of the blurb before borrowing a book. I just read that it was a monk solving the mystery & thought immediately of Brother Cadfael. This is nothing like those books!

As a young woman, Roza Mojeska was part of an underground resistance group in Communist Poland. But after her arrest, an agent of the secret police,  who she knew from childhood, makes her a devil’s bargain – and in the dark of a government prison, a terrible choice is made.

Now, fifty years later, Anselm is called upon to investigate both Roza’s story and a mystery dating back to the early 1980s, in the icy grip of the Cold War.

Slow moving to start but improved & by the end I was gripped. Characters are portrayed very well, makes you not like some of them!

Some of the story was confusing, had to concentrate so as not to muddle up who did what when, moving between the years especially. 


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