MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood


A shatteringly brilliant conclusion to the trilogy which starts with Oryx and Crake (and is continued by The year of the Flood).

Atwood’s clear-eyed dystopian vision of the future is underpinned by her meticulous writing, the fantastic sense of humour which runs through the whole series and the horrors present both before and after the apocalypse. Atwood envisages a near-future filled with bio-engineering, internet porn, the rise of corporations running essential services and innumerable new social groupings- from the luxurious comfort on the science campus to the eco-warrior groups living  on rooftops in the slums.

This third book is set ‘after the waterless flood’ and follows familiar characters as they attempt to navigate the post-apocalyptic world. We are given a privileged glimpse into the backstory of Zeb and other major characters from the first two books as the Crakers attempt to understand their world and their history.

I re-read the first two books before I read this one- and I recommend you do the same, for the sense of immersion this gives.


Reserve Oryx and CrakeThe year of the Flood and MaddAddam.


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