The Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore

I have recently read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it, not least because it is set in Norfolk and there are references to Holt and Wells, both places that I love. It was easy to visualise the Norfolk woods that a lot of the story takes place in. Even a brief visit to Holt library is mentioned.

The book starts with Jude having a recurrent nightmare that she suffered with as a child.

Jude is a recently widowed London based auctioneer. She is pleased to get  the chance to value the collection of an 18th century astronomer, Anthony Wickham, in Norfolk where she grew up. It transpires that her Grandmother has a link to Starbrough Hall, the home of this collection and whilst getting to know the family and it’s history whilst revisiting her own, unanswered questions begin to have some meaning. Why does her young niece Summer have the same nightmare?

Wickham’s is a tragic story with links to the present. The folly in the grounds of the hall seems to hold some secrets. Jude, with the help of a local naturalist, Euan uncovers the answers and yes you have guessed, he is the love interest.

A really lovely story, recommended to me by a colleague. It has been read by many customers in Acle library, all have enjoyed it and gone on to order the other titles that she has written.

Kymm Lucas

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  1. I too enjoyed this book, always being a sucker for anything with a Norfolk connection; it comnines all my interests, a bit of a crime/ mystery and family history. It got me reading her other books too.


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