John Saturnall’s Feast by Lawrence Norfolk


In the remote village of Buckland, a mob chants of witchcraft. It is 1625, and John and his mother are running for their lives. Taking refuge among the trees of Buccla’s Wood, John’s mother opens her book and begins to tell her son of an ancient Feast kept in secret down the generations. Little does he know that one day, to keep hold of all that he holds most dear, he most realize his mother’s vision – he must serve the Saturnall Feast.
Another good read,beautifully written love story which slowly develops not giving the reader a clue to how it will end. The cooking is amazingly complex and so sophisticated .
The dessert: Pool of Tantalus presented to the King, incredible work of art.
Has interesting historical events mingling with the lives of the workers at Buckland.
Stark contrasts,  when for example the staff are expected to fight with the soldiers ,and survivors end up starving. The hardships which they now have to endure to just seem impossible.
 It is interesting after John’s rise from kitchen boy to master cook, how cleverly he falls back in hard times to his roots, and survival,  with his own mother in the forest,  when she teaches him from the book of feasts.
This was cleverly written a book once I got into it, I loved.

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