The Garden Of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng

mistsVery slow, but staying with it I realised it had to be this way and the beauty of it began to unfold almost like the making of the garden itself.  Such wonderful descriptions, which transport the reader into a different world.

I found it beautiful, heartbreaking, and disturbing at times, but I loved this story.

The author teaches you so much e.g Tattooing (Horimonas -full body ), Woodblock prints, Tea, Japanese Gardens and their history etc.

Such mixed emotions , as well about the various characters and the awful time Yun Ling spent in the Japanese camp, her devotion and love for the sister she left behind.

One of my favourite parts was Tatsuji, the Kamikaze pilot ,who tells Yun Ling of his experiences flying and of the love between he and his commanding officer. So poignant was this , it brought tears to my eyes.

“Though the water has stopped flowing, we still hear the whisper of its name”. Such a clever, brilliant line .


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