The tenth of December by George Saunders


This is George Saunders’ most wryly hilarious and disturbing collection of short stories to date.

I think the critics sum up his writing better than I possible could…

Dazzingly surreal stories about a failing America (Sunday Times Must Reads)

Masterpieces of surrealist satire (Vanity Fair)

Gripping … Saunders takes a wry and uncompromising look at life in contemporary America, from everyday occurrences to the downright cruel and mind-boggling, providing quirky voices to bring his authentic stories to life. A strong collection from a master of the short story, it’s not one to be missed (Irish Examiner)

His sharp satire and visions of a dystopian future are tempered with warmth and humanity … Somehow, Saunders forces the reader to consider our dysfunctional world without ever preaching. Every page is packed with laughs; astute observations with deep implications are never far away either … This is a brilliant, trenchant and hilarious collection (Independent)

It’s all true and I think that’s why I enjoyed the stories so much!


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