Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

CloseThis novel by Sophie McKenzie was undoubtedly a page turner – I was unable to leave it alone for long – and yet it was lacking something for me. Sophie has made her name in the YA market, and although this was a novel aimed at adults, I felt the style was still fairly simplistic.

It had an interesting plot – Gen & Art are trying to conceive following the stillbirth of their daughter Beth some 8 years before, when a lady appears on their doorstep claiming that, in fact, their precious daughter had been born alive and was living a healthy, happy life. Art is determined that Gen shouldn’t believe the woman, but Gen is determined to find out the truth. And I was too, but it got a little far-fetched at times and unbelievable.

It moved along at a cracking pace and I have to say I rather liked the creepy ending.


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