The convenient marriage by Georgette Heyer

9780099585558After discovering Georgette Heyer earlier in the year, I picked up another in Hellesdon library. I’m becoming addicted!

In this book we have a feisty heroine in a marriage of convenience to the enigmatic Earl of Rule; Lord Lethbridge, the villain of the piece; a racy widow and a supporting cast of bumbling drunkards. Cue much hilarity, dastardly plotting, and a smattering of swooning…  not least when our heroine sets about the devilish Lord Lethbridge with a poker. Hurrah!


Reserve your copy here.


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  1. […] great characters, set in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of London; discovering the marvelous Georgette Heyer some years after everyone else; The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan- another book with a […]


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