Of Mutability by Jo Shapcott

joReviewed by the Bookworms Reading Group which meets at Plumstead Road Library

An interesting experience! Not used to reading poetry, just read many, many books, and the intellectual effort needed to understand the poems was very noticeable. I had to revisit my memories of classic tales too, to understand about Ovid, Pushkin, Mithra and others. I need to read more poetry to exercise my mind!

Not my cup of tea I am afraid. Did read most of the poems. The subject was an interesting one to pick as it is one most people avoid.

Sorry, couldn’t get to grips with this poetry. Found some poems morbid.

Liked some of these poems, particularly ones about the trees. Very descriptive about the feelings about dementia in Unraveled. I enjoyed the poem about the scorpion as there was a lot of analysis about why she has killed it, showing how one action can have a lot of reasons why it is carried out.

Confusing. I really need to read the poems a few more times.

Did not enjoy this at all.

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