Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes

sushiMarian Keyes must surely be our greatest chick-lit author. “Chick-lit?” you say, “Isn’t that all sexist, unrealistic frothy nonsense?” Well, yes, a bit.  But, just like a big pile of cheesy chips, sometimes that’s exactly what you want. 
Life would be horribly dull if it was wall-to-wall salads and fine cuisine, and I feel exactly the same about literature. The good stuff can be life-affirmingly-toe -tinglingly-head -crackingly good… but that doesn’t mean you want to read it all the time. 
So, onto Marian keyes. Jammed full of gloriously down to earth characters who have terrible dates, teetering marriages, shocking affairs, rubbish jobs, evil bosses,  trouble with their hair, their mums, their pets, their mental health… all beautifully wrapped up with a happy ending. 
I just read Sushi for Beginners, but you can’t go wrong with any Marian keyes book. I particularly loved the characters we could see were made for each other but who just couldn’t get it together, the awful childish self-obsessed comedian, the gorgeous Oliver, Lisa’s ridiculous diets… the list goes on. 
Pick one up and sit in the sun with it. You’ll get nothing else done that day!

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