Tigers in Red Weather by Lisa Klaussmann

TigersI was just in the mood for this sort of the book when I picked it up, and for me it hit the spot pretty well. It makes a perfect beach read (well, I wish I had been on a beach while reading it…) and I’ve also recommended it to a couple of book clubs that meet in my library, as I feel it would make an excellent discussion book.

It is set in the 25 years post second world war in America and is based around the lives of two cousins, Nick and Helena, and their respective husbands and children. Told in 5 separate sections, I really enjoyed the simmering tension of betrayal and jealousy beneath the polished social lives of these women, and the creepy feeling that something was ‘just not right’ with one of their children. And I found the switch to the first person in Ed’s story a fitting and rather disturbing ending. I also loved the little jazz interludes and the feeling of languid heat as an oppressive setting. Definitely worth a read.


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