The Universe versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence

universeI loved this charming novel – it must be in the running for my top ten of 2013…

From the moment it began, with a seventeen year old boy driving back through customs in Dover with a car full of marijuana and an urn, I was hooked.

Our hero and narrator, Alex, then proceeds to tell his story, from the major event that shaped his life (being knocked unconscious and having his head split open by a meteorite at the age of ten) to his present situation. I loved this epileptic, science-geek with a passion for Kurt Vonnegut, and a clairvoyant mother. And I loved his relationship with Vietnam vet & pacifist, Mr Peterson.

I did laugh, and I did cry, and I did cringe and I did giggle a lot. And once I was about halfway through I couldn’t stop reading until I’d finished. Highly recommended, lots of material for a book group.


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