The Beauty of Murder by A.K.Benedict

Beauty of murder by A K Benedict

The Beauty of Murder is an intriguing read, mixing together murder, mystery and time travel in an entertaining first novel. The central character is Stephen Killigan, a new Philosophy lecturer in an imaginary college at Cambridge University. He pops out one night after a few beers and stumbles across the body of a beauty queen, who had gone missing over a year previously. She is wearing the clothes that she went missing in and looks recently dead. However, when he reports this to the police, they return to find that there is no sign of the body ever having been there.

And here begins a game of cat and mouse with a time travelling murderer, Jackamore Grass, which leaves Stephen under suspicion for a number of other unexplained deaths, both in the current day, and in the seventeenth century as he travels back in time trying to track down his nemesis.

The story is told in the first person, changing between Stephen, Jackamore and the police who are trying to solve the murders, which keeps it moving along at a good pace.I couldn’t put it down, and I really enjoyed her descriptive style of writing. It’s an original, refreshing read.


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