Falling in Honey: life and love on a Greek island by Jennifer Barclay

Falling in honeyHaving spent a wonderful seven months on the Greek island of Tilos a few years before Jennifer’s love affair with this delightful little island began, I was eager to get my hands on this book. And it did not disappoint – I loved every minute of it!

Falling in Honey is the story of a woman’s quest to find herself and her place in life, and of her love affair with Greece, and more specifically the tiny island of Tilos. After suffering a couple of traumatic love affairs, the last of which left her betrayed and alone only days before she was about to begin her dream life in Tilos with her dream man, this is a story of healing, of the simple things in life, and of finding one’s place in this world.

I was amazed as the bravery of Jennifer in telling her story – it takes some guts to put your deepest feelings and desires in print. But mostly I was swept away with the descriptions of Greece and of Tilos. I was able to clearly picture the island, and was delighted to hear about people and places that I know so well. And it also made me think about where I’m going with my life, about what I really want, and how to find that sort of bravery to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

And I was equally delighted with the ending – I know how the story progresses as I’m an avid follower of Jennifer’s blog: http://octopus-in-my-ouzo.blogspot.co… and I was delighted that it was left on a positive note, and with the prospect of another book to follow perhaps – I do hope so, I was left wanting another instalment…


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