Chavs by Owen Jones

chavsAn eye-opening and insightful look at the way money and power are distributed across the UK; the workings of the class system and how politicians of all parties are responding (or failing to) to the needs of the working classes.

The author makes a convincing argument that the working class of Britain have essentially been thrown to the wolves (the wolves in this case being an unpleasant mix of right-wing journalists, politicians and business interests); every system which existed to support working class people has been demolished over the last 30 years; and explains that we are left with a country which hates and fears its working classes- reinventing them as workless, feckless chavs.

The book is strongly polemical, which as always seems to mean that a certain amount of cherry picking and irritating repetition is to be expected (and a particularly annoying habit of using different mathematical systems to represent figures in the same sentence, as in ‘30% of people do A, while only two in ten do B, yet more than half of people do C’). However these are minor niggles which don’t undermine in any way the important social and political points being made in the book.

An excellent and important book. Reserve your copy here.


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