Doppler by Erlend Loe

DopplerSo, Andreas Doppler has it all – good job, good family, good house, and not only a new baby but also a new bathroom on the way … and one day he falls of his bike, realises it’s all a sham and goes to live in the forest with an elk.  As you do.

Try as he might to escape humanity, however, it will keep rearing it’s ugly head – soon Doppler will have to decide whether to return to humanity or stick with elks instead.

I really enjoyed this book.  It’s teeny tiny short, so you can read it in one go; it’s funny in a quietly absurd sort of way, so if you’re reading it on the train (which I was) you don’t have to embarrass yourself with uncouth guffawing; underneath the silliness it’s actually quite a scathing criticism of either society or Doppler, or both, so it makes you feel quite clever even though you’re not really sure whether you agree or not.  Or what you’re agreeing with.  In other words, it’s quite thought-provoking without telling you what to think, which is always nice.

Anyway, I’d read it if I were you – it’ll only take a while and I’m 85% sure you’ll enjoy it! (If nothing else, the elk is really cute).


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  1. Dersingham Reader | Reply

    Doppler – Oh I loved this little book! Grumpy old man hits the forest and whinges, but it’s so funny. Loved the totem pole building and the wonderful cast of characters he meets. Read this book!


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