Standing in another man’s grave by Ian Rankin

Standing in another man's grave by Ian RankinI was really excited to hear that Ian Rankin was bringing out another Rebus novel this year.  Thankfully in 2008 Rebus was only retired, and not killed off altogether, so now he can return.  I knew it also featured Rankin’s latest detective Malcolm Fox.  Fox works for the complaints department and we know Rebus hasn’t always toed the line.  So I anticipated Rebus vs Fox, a chapter by chapter head to head, but that’s not what we get.  It’s much better, a traditional Rebus case.  Retirement finds Rebus working in a small cold case team.  An old missing person case apparently has links to a current investigation.  Thus Rebus is once more paired up with the brilliant Siobhan Clarke.  At the same time Fox is investigating Rebus and, interestingly, we get to see each detective from the other’s point of view.  I like Fox; he’s healthier than Rebus so you don’t have to worry about him quite so much.  We know he’s wrong about Rebus and likewise Rebus has Fox all wrong too.  Unlike the missing women, the Fox and Rebus storyline is not resolved so I’m eagerly awaiting yet another Rebus book.

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