Alison’s top twelve reads of 2012

It took me a good long time to whittle this list of my favourite reads of the year down to 12. I’d read 127 books by the end of November, so selecting the best 12 wasn’t easy by any means.

After much soul-searching and head-scratching, I came up with the following list.

1. Jojo Moyes – Me before you

My sister made me read this and I’m so glad she did, as I think it was my most memorable book of the year! Very sad, very funny, you’ll need a box of tissues to accompany you as you read, and then you’ll recommend it to all your friends!

2. David Nicholls – One day

Finally read this (was waiting a while as someone had already given away the ending to me!) and was pleasantly surprised. It has made me want to read some of his earlier books.

3. George R R Martin – Game of thrones: Song of ice and fire

A friend recommended this as she read it on a long train ride to Liverpool and the thought of beginning a long series really didn’t appeal, plus I don’t read much fantasy. But this was so well written, with such rich characters and I can imagine Sean Bean as Ned Stark. I’ve just requested book 2!

4. Hans Koppel – She’s never coming back

Now this is grizzly and not for the fainthearted  It’s written in English by a Swedish writer and tells the tale of a missing woman. You know what’s happened to her from the outset, but you don’t know why until the end. Brilliant!

5. Jodi Picoult – Lone wolf

I have to ration by Picoult books as they tend to leave me an emotional wreck for weeks! This does too, but the story is just so good, that it’s worth the angst. Wolf loving father end up in coma and estranged family get to decide what to do. Lots of fascinating detail about wolf packs and how they work, as well as the family drama.

6. Ian Hamilton – Deadly touch of the tigress

Now this is brilliantly different and everyone I’ve recommended it to has agreed. She is one kick-ass (quite literally)  forensic accountant. There’s also a sequel The disciple of Las Vegas which is just as good.

7. Imogen Edwards -Jones – Hospital Babylon

What can I say about this one…?  As with all the Babylon series, this author tells the behind the scenes story of people who work in various industries. Here we discover the tales from accident and emergency and they are fascinating/horrifying!

8. Ken Follett – Winter of the world

This is the sequel to the fabulous Fall of Giants which you should try first.  Follett continues the stories of families in American, Germany, and Wales and you will be hooked as the story takes us through WWII and into the 1950s. A must read.

9. Cath Staincliffe – Split second

This was a real surprise and such a brilliant little story. There’s an incident on a bus, which leads to one young man being killed, and leaves another in a coma. So begins the story of the families involved. A truly memorable little read. It’s also available in e-book form

10. Hilary Mantel – Wolf Hall

It has definitely been a year of epic books for me. I’d put this one off for a long time but it was such a good read. You get to see Henry VIII’s antics through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell. The sequel Bring up the bodies won the Man Booker Prize 2012.

11. Tony Black – Gutted

I discovered this writer by accident. I’ve been a fan of Irish noir crime writer, Ken Bruen for a few years and Black’s Gus Dury books are pretty much the same thing, though set in Scotland. Great stuff!

12. Sue Townsend – The woman who stayed in bed for a year

Oh if only you could! This is such a strange idea and I particularly liked the part where Eva dictates a list of things he needs to do to put on the perfect Christmas. It’s going to be our January Village read in Dersingham. 

Alison – Librarian at Dersingham Library


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  1. Like your list Alison. Will pass it on to our Book Club.


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