Guest reviews from a small person

We were very happy to find these two guest reviews from a small person in our inbox! Thanks Sadie.
I liked this book because it had fossils in and i love fossils. There was a lot of amazing facts about the earth like how volcanoes explode.
This was a good educational book with lots of interesting information and pictures.
Reserve your copy here- & remember, all reservations are free for the under 18s.
Scaredy Squirrel at night  by Melanie Watt
I liked the front cover because the  squirrel’s teeth glowed in the dark.  He read his horoscope every week and had lots of nightmares.
The squirrel made a bad dream action plan and i liked that bit the best.
The book taught me a good lesson about how important sleep is. If you don’t get enough sleep, it makes you drowsy, grumpy, confused, clumsy and no energy.
When he had a good night’s sleep, the squirrel was happy, full of good energy, had a sharper memory, good health and cleverness.
From Sadie Jarmey  aged 7.

2 responses

  1. I love Scardey Squirrel! It really helps children to think about the things they are afraid of- or NOT afraid of, and it’s fun!


  2. Scaredy Squirrel is hilarious! I haven’t read this one yet so thank you for the recommendation, Sadie.


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