A Gentleman’s Guide to Beard and Moustache Management by Chris Martin

I read this as it looked so mad! A funny and irreverent look at the history of facial hair and it’s proponents. It’s interesting to discover how facial hair went in and out of fashion, indicating at different times that you were rich, cultured, virile, or poor, a criminal or despot dictator! Facial hair has even been illegal and beards taxed. It goes on to celebrate the great moustache wearers through history and the worst facial hair ever. Facial hair wearers are proud of their creations, with many featuring in World Records, from the longest moustache at a staggering 14ft to the greatest weight lifted by a beard, nearly 140lb and the Spanish man who pulled a 6,000lb train nearly 33ft with his! I’m not usually a fan of ‘funny’ books and being female you wouldn’t think a book on beards would hold much interest, but it was very funny and surprisingly interesting. After reading the ‘Guide to Beard and Moustache Style chapter, I now walk around muttering, ‘Oh look, that’s a soul patch’, or, ‘Gosh, that’s a Hollywoodian!’


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