Corvus: a life with birds by Esther Woolfson

A fascinating and finely wrought memoir of a life lived shoulder to shoulder with wild birds. I’ve always been interested in crows and sad that so many people see these birds as ill-omened vermin.

The author rescued and then adopted a fledgling rook 16 years ago and has since seen her life fill with adopted birds of many kinds. Despite this, it is the corvids which stand out as the most intelligent and charming- real characters with a mind of their own.

The author and her daughter have an eccentric take on keeping birds- free-ranging magpies, rooks and crows can have a real impact on a house- but as she says “If I am happy with the state my house is in, what business is it of anyone else?”

Reserve a copy here.


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  1. I have this book and it’s a wonderful read.


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