The top ten books I read this year

As we come up to the new year, I thought I would take the opportunity to pick my favourite ten books I read this year. It turned out to be impossible to trim it down to ten, so it’s my top twelve. One a month! They weren’t all published this year- in fact most of them weren’t- it’s just that I got round to reading them this year. It would be even harder to put them in order of preference, so here they are, alphabetical by author:

Interesting how it breaks down: only 4 women authors (although I think I read more books by women than men), 5 that could be described as ‘historical fiction’ (although I claim not to read historical fiction!), somewhere between 3 and 5 that could be described as sci-fi or speculative fiction, 2 satires.

It’d be great to see a few more lists- why not add yours in the comments below?


One response

  1. what a good excuse to remember some of the great books i read in 2011…so here goes…

    Mark Thomas- Extreme Rambling
    Colum McCann- Let the great world spin
    Andy Kershaw- No off switch
    Maxim Gorky- My childhood
    Laurie Lee- As I walked out one midsummer morning
    John Hegley- The family pack
    Gabriella Ambrosio- Before we say goodbye
    Roald Dahl- The Twits
    Richard Mabey- The Roadside Wildlife Book
    – Street Flowers


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