The Beach Hut Next Door by Veronica Henry

The Beach Hut Next DoorLots of interconnecting tales about visitors to and residents of the small holiday village of Everdene, all linked by having access to a beach hut.

Elodie’s story runs through the whole book, from when she met and then jilted her prospective husband in the church after having found he was sleeping with her Mother, right to the present day when she returns in her 70’s.

Some of the characters know each other, others meet for the first time, and some never meet each other at all.

There is love, hate, betrayal, forgiveness and much more, all the ingredients for an intriguing and enjoyable story.


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One of the biggest new releases this month…

terrorLondon is under siege. Nine men in suicide vests primed to explode hold hostages in nine different locations around the city, and are ready to die for their cause. Their mission: to force the government to release jihadist prisoners from Belmarsh Prison. Their deadline: 6pm today. But the bombers are cleanskins, terrorists with no obvious link to any group, and who do not appear on any anti-terror watch list. What has brought them together on this one day to act in this way? Mo Kamran is the Superintendent in charge of the Special Crime and Operations branch of the Met. As the disaster unfolds and the SAS, armed police, and other emergency services rush to the scenes, he is tasked with preventing the biggest terrorist outrage the capital has ever known.

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The Perfect Gift by Emma Hannigan

The Perfect GiftI hadn’t read any books by Emma Hannigan before, but I’m glad I picked this up from the new books display in the library. It is set in a sleepy fishing village, Ballyshore in Ireland.

Everything is just trundling along for Roisin, Liv, Keeley, Doug and Nell but then a runaway turns up at Nell’s lighthouse. She is the catalyst for everything that follows.

What a story, kept me engrossed from start to finish. Basically it is a family story, but the depth of emotion portrayed by the characters is immense. Tears, anger, love – what a combination.

Can’t have a family story without heartache, secrets, or deception, but that is balanced by all the good things that happen too. The plot is well worked and has a satisfying ending.

Definitely going to read some more books by this author.


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New from Alice Hoffman

oppositesFrom the bestselling author of The Dovekeepers comes a love story about one of history’s most captivating ‘invisible’ women: Rachel, the mother of Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro. Growing up on the idyllic island of St Thomas in the early 1800s, Rachel dreams of life in faraway Paris. Rachel’s mother, a pillar of their tight-knit refugee community of Jews who escaped the European Inquisition, has never forgiven her daughter for refusing to live by the rules.

But Rachel’s fate is not in her own hands: in order to secure the future of her father’s business, she is married off to a widower with three children. When her husband dies suddenly and his handsome nephew Frederic arrives from France to settle the estate, Rachel seizes control of her life, beginning a defiant, passionate love affair that sparks a scandal affecting her entire family, including her favourite son, Camille Pissarro, who will one day become a founder member of the Impressionists and one of history’s greatest artists.

Set in a world of lush, exquisite beauty, The Marriage of Opposites shows Alice Hoffman at the height of her considerable powers. The marriage of Rachel and Frederic is an unforgettable story of an extraordinary woman and her forbidden love.

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I’m Jack by Mark Blacklock

I'm JackDuring the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, attention was drawn to the provocative messages sent to the police.

The tape recordings, in a Wearside accent, diverted police resources from Yorkshire to Sunderland and proved to be a hoax.

Years later, the hoaxer was caught and this is a fictional account as to why these taunting messages were sent in the first place.


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A very pretty title – for a distinctly unsettling book

primroseAs a teenager, Sarah D’Villez famously escaped a man who abducted and held her hostage for 11 days. The case became notorious, with Sarah’s face splashed across the front of every newspaper in the country. 17 years later, Sarah’s attempt to build a normal life for herself in London has failed. When she hears of her kidnapper’s impending release from prison, fearful of the media storm that is sure to follow, she decides to flee to rural Wales under a new identity, telling nobody where she’s gone. As Sarah settles in to her isolated new home and gets to know the small community she is now part of, it soon becomes creepily apparent that someone is watching her. Meanwhile, back in London, her mother makes a shocking discovery – something she fears will put Sarah’s life in danger. She must urgently find her missing daughter before it’s too late.

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Possibly the creepiest book title I’ve encountered this year…

When Darren Hatman reports his daughter missing, DI Wesley Peterson isn’t too concerned. Leanne Hatman is an aspiring model, keen to abandon her native Devon for the bright lights of London. However, Darren’s claim that a photographer has been stalking Leanne soon changes Wesley’s opinion. Leanne works at Eyecliffe Castle, once home to the wealthy D’Arles family and now converted into a luxury hotel. When Darren himself is found brutally murdered in the castle grounds, the police fear is that Leanne has met a similar fate. But, if so, where is her body? Meanwhile, Wesley’s friend, archaeologist Neil Watson, recently returned from a thrilling Sicilian excavation, makes a disturbing discovery near Eyecliffe Castle and surprises Wesley with the news that, while in Sicily, he met Leanne’s alleged stalker. With Eyecliffe Castle becoming the scene of another violent death, Wesley suspects a connection between the recent crimes, the disappearance of two girls back in the 1950s and a mysterious Sicilian ruin called the House of Eyes, a place feared by superstitious locals. As he works to solve one of his most challenging cases yet, Wesley must face alarming revelations, rooted in centuries of fear and evil . . . as well as dealing with a nightmare of his own.

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“A startling vision of the future in a world not so very far from our own, and a thrilling story of suspense…”

floodsIn a world prone to violent flooding, Britain, ravaged 20 years earlier by a deadly virus, has been largely cut off from the rest of the world. Survivors are few and far between, most of them infertile. Children, the only hope for the future, are a rare commodity. For 22-year-old Roza Polanski, life with her family in their isolated tower block is relatively comfortable. She’s safe, happy enough. But when a stranger called Aashay Kent arrives, everything changes. At first he’s a welcome addition, his magnetism drawing the Polanskis out of their shells, promising an alternative to a lonely existence. But Roza can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to Aashay than he’s letting on. Is there more to life beyond their isolated bubble? Is it true that children are being kidnapped? And what will it cost to find out? Clare Morrall, author of the Man Booker Prize-shortlisted Astonishing Splashes of Colour , creates a startling vision of the future in a world not so very far from our own, and a thrilling story of suspense.

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Out tomorrow, from an author widely tipped to be the next Nesbo…

faceA KILLER WITH A MESSAGE. Two men are dead. Both had been bullies at school. A single clue has been found at the scene: a class photo from 1982, with two faces neatly crossed out.

A DETECTIVE WHO CAN’T LET GO. Fabian Risk is the lead detective on the case. He’s also one of the children in the photograph. He thought he’d left his schooldays behind. Now his classmates are dying for the sins of their childhood…


One can only hope the book itself is less LIBERAL with the CAPITAL LETTERS than the blurb. Why not reserve it and FIND OUT?

So many fabulous books out this month!

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