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New from the winner of the 2015 Petrona Award for best Scandinavian Crime Novel:

The first in an exciting new series from the author of THE SILENCE OF THE SEA, winner of the 2015 Petrona Award for best Scandinavian Crime Novel.

The murder was meant as a punishment – but what sin could justify the method? The only person who might have answers is the victim’s seven-year-old daughter, found hiding in the room where her mother died. And she’s not talking. Newly promoted, out of his depth, detective Huldar turns to Freyja and the Children’s House for their expertise with traumatised young people. Freyja, who distrusts the police in general and Huldar in particular, isn’t best pleased. But she’s determined to keep little Margret safe. It may prove tricky. The killer is leaving them strange clues: warnings in text messages, sums scribbled on bits of paper, numbers broadcast on the radio. He’s telling a dark and secret story – but how can they crack the code? And if they do, will they be next?

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Norfolk’s Most Wanted

Great Big Read is our annual reading promotion for adults and runs in all Norfolk Libraries from 20th March – 22nd April. Pick up a leaflet in any library.

This year’s theme is Norfolk’s Most Wanted, our top 20 most popular and in demand books asked for by library customers. Norfolk’s Most Wanted features Crime, Thrillers and Romance, including bestselling books such as ‘The Girl on The Train’ by Paula Hawkins and ‘The Night Manager’ by John Le Carre’.

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“Who was the man with whom Kate built a life? And what is he to her now…?”

Home is where the heart is, and Kate thinks a lot about making people feel at home. She works for a global hotel corporation. She has two young children, and a husband of ten years. Now, both Kate’s home and her heart are about to implode: she has discovered a series of emails from her husband Adam to another woman. Probing for answers, she realizes this not the worst possible discovery – in fact, it is only the beginning. As her family unravels, Kate’s job becomes increasingly demanding – but how can she provide the perfect guest experience when her own foundations have been knocked away? She tries to hold things together for her daughters, but doesn’t know what to tell them when they ask when Adam is coming home. Who was the man with whom Kate built a life? And what is he to her now?

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Weirdo by Cathi Unsworth

I found this ‘cover introduction’ – and title ideal, to ‘sum up’ -a most enjoyable and ultimately exciting read.

The context of this book captivated me, not only the events of the earlier time zone-centering around a time passage that i consider to be the ‘golden years’, of my adolescence (plus some). This being the early to mid (ish) eighties-highlighting the music of some of my continuing favourite bands. Primarily my favourite band Echo & the Bunnymen which i ascertain are high on the list of the author’s favourites.

I enjoyed the way the author used the titles of some songs, to add to the increasingly mysterious and atmospheric, chapter titles. Also referencing songs by Public Image, Patti Smith, and two of my favourites Killing Joke and the Cult. All expertly married up with references to my current location Great Yarmouth (Eremouth in the story).

On my own journey through the narrative, i became so enthralled that i found it necessary to make fairly in-depth notes of various characters. To hopefully provide me with any required ‘whodunnit’ investigative skills, for my conclusions at the finale of the tale. Inevitably i was ‘well off the mark’, with the realisation that i’m no ‘Inspector Morse’.

I would strongly recommend this book to all parties – not just budding ‘Private  Eyes’.


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If you loved Adrian Mole…

…This book in translation from the French is recommended just for you!

From a particularly humiliating accident at scout camp, to the final stages of terminal illness, Daniel Pennac’s warm, witty and heart-breaking novel shows the rise and fall of an ordinary man, told through his observations of his own body.

Pennac has always been a funny writer, and one capable of the odd moment of breath-catchingly beautiful insight, too; but more than anything he is simply the most humane of writers, the most generously understanding of his fellow human. In Diary of a Body he has found just one more new, inspired way to show it.

Daniel Hahn – The Guardian.

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Coming Soon – Norfolk’s Most Wanted

The debut novel from the amazing Kate Tempest…

Young Londoners Becky, Harry and Leon are leaving the city in a fourth-hand Ford Cortina with a suitcase full of money. They are also leaving behind Pete, Becky’s boyfriend, at his surprise birthday party. Moving back in time – and into the heart of London – ‘The Bricks that Built the Houses‘ explores a cross-section of contemporary urban life with a powerful moral microscope, giving us intimate stories of hidden lives, and showing us that good intentions don’t always lead to the right decisions…

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Out today from an extremely well-regarded Norwich writer

meganNew York: A city that inspires. A city that draws people in. A city where everyone is watching, waiting to see what will happen next. 1967. Robert Mapplethorpe knows he is an artist. From his childhood home in Queens he yearns for the heat and excitement of the city, the press of other people’s bodies. He wants to be watched, he wants to be known. 1891. Walt Whitman has already found fame, and has settled into his own sort of old age. Still childlike, still passionate, he travels with his friend and biographer Bucke to the city he has always adored, the scene of his greatest triumphs and rejections. 1922. Robert Moses is a man with a vision. Standing on the edge of Long Island he knows what it could become. Walking down a street in Brooklyn he sees its future. He is the man who will build modern New York. 2013. Edmund White is back in New York. It’s the city of his youth, of his life and loves. He remembers days of lazy pleasure, nights of ecstasy and euphoria. But years have gone by since then.

Everyone is Watching is a novel about the men and women who have defined New York. Through the lives and perspectives of these great creators, artists and thinkers, and through other iconic works of art that capture its essence, New York itself solidifies. Complex, rich, sordid, tantalizing, it is constantly changing and evolving. Both intimate and epic in its sweep, Everyone is Watching is a love letter to New York and its people – past, present and future.

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“A wonderfully punchy evocation of a legendary murder mystery, packed with the authentic sights, sounds and intrigues of Glasgow in the late Fifties.”

longWilliam Watt wants answers about his family’s murder. Peter Manuel has them. But Peter Manuel is a liar.William Watt is an ordinary businessman, a fool, a social climber.Peter Manuel is a famous liar, a rapist, a criminal. He claims he can get hold of the gun used to murder Watt’s family.One December night in 1957, Watt meets Manuel in a Glasgow bar to find out what he knows.Based on true events, The Long Drop is an extraordinarily unsettling, evocative and compelling novel from a writer at the height of her powers.

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